Sulumits Retsambew

Sulumits Retsambew is the target keyword for a new search engine optimization contest hosted by  For those that aren’t familiar with SEO contests, it’s essential a competition to outrank others in Google, or any other search engine depending on the specific contest.

The term sulumits retsambew written backwards is webmaster stimulus.  This is NetBuilders way of running a “stimulus package” for webmasters.  The contest started March 15th, and runs through August 15th.  Which is quite a while for a SEO contest.  But also a good way to judge the effects of SEO over time.  Will blackhat methods win, or will pure whitehat SEO come out on top?  Only time will tell.

The prizes for the contest are as follows: $1000 for first, $500 for second, and $250 for third.  $1000 is a nice payout and would be nice to grab for anyone.

Currently my entry in the sulumits retsambew contest is  All the exact keyword domains were taken by the time I got started.  I’m hoping all the mention of the term webmaster stimulus on all the sulumits retsambew sites will convince google that they are related, and in turn give the domain a lot of weight based on the keywords in the domain.  This may already be the case as I’m currently in second position.

I am relatively new in the SEO world.  I midly got interested in it about six months ago, but really didn’t make any progress or really understand what I was doing until a few months ago.  It will be interested to see how my skills will stand up against the experts.

I found what I consider a real nice template for the site, and decided to use it on this blog as well.  I’m sure you have by now noticed the similarities.

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