Ranking In Google

Well that didn’t take long.  It was four days since I launched this site, and google pushed me up to #1 for the keyword: Steve Fortuna. It really wasn’t very hard at all.  I purchased this domain September of 2008, and had a simple ‘coming soon…’ page up.  I just had to convince Google to crawl the page again, and that the content was relevant.

Being that I had the domain that fully matched the search term I was targeting, it was pretty easy.  That’s always a major consideration when deciding what domain to purchase.  Trying to throw at least one keyword you’re trying to target in the domain is always helpful.  It’s not required, of course, but helps quite a bit.  stevefortuna.com ranked #1 for the keyword ‘Steve fortuna’ very easily.   A couple links in with the anchor text ‘steve fortuna’ was all that was needed.

Deciding whether you want to go with a keyword domain or a brandable domain is just simply a matter of your goals.  If you’re looking for quick ranking for low competition keywords, a keyword domain would be key.  But if you’re going take the time to build a brand, go with a domain you like – something brandable.  Two examples of these are of course, stevefortuna.com, with intended target for: steve fortuna, and then hubits.com, with intended target: free arcade games.

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