First Profitable Campaign

Haven’t posted in a while – as there wasn’t really anything to talk about.  I’ve established a handful of arcade sites in the last few weeks.  My goal there is to build up a solid network so I can trade traffic between the sites, and give myself some sites to link from when exchanging links for hubits.  There’s a few others, but not worth mentioning.

But I have managed to run into an affiliate network that has been very helpful in getting me setup with a campaign.  I’m currently running some Facebook ads for a simple free signup.  Low payout, but also low cost to advertise.  It’s pretty exciting, and I’m hoping to simply generate some revenue I can invest into some bigger offers.  I’d love to share all the details, but I’m not at the point where I can afford to, or know enough about it to be more useful than the many other sites talking about it.  One being

The campaign really wasn’t anything to brag about.  Simply making $10 on a $80 investment.  But for me it’s a relief to finally break even, let alone make money.  Well, let’s hope the earnings go up from here.

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Taking a step back

Well I got this site up and going, got on to the first page of when searching Google for Steve Fortuna…and I have no readers.

Blogging to myself is a blast!  Haha, no.  Blogging is kind of entertaining, but not really my thing.  I’m going to take a step back, and focus less on posting regularly.  What’s the point, right?  When the traffic picks up, or I come up with some really good post ideas, I wont hesitate to post.

And I’m out.


Affiliate Marketing

I’ve heard a lot about affiliate marketing in the past, but was never really interested.  It seemed to me that you just sold products for someone else for a tiny piece of the profit.  Seemed pointless, and a lot of effort for not much return.

That was until I read through a blog called Nickycakes.  The title of the blog is Reformed Blackhat, which seemed interesting.  I ended up at the newbie affiliate marketing section – and boy did it peak my interest.  This guy has an attitude I like, gets straight to the point, and opened up a whole new way of making money online for me.

After reading through the entire guide, I decided I would give affiliate marketing a shot.  Essentially what you do is create a page, or landing page, and send traffic to it.  The goal of the landing page is to convince the user to sign up/buy/do whatever for your product.  These can be anywhere from simple ad looking pages, to review sites, or even flogs (fake blogs).  The whole idea of it seems real interesting so I started right up.

Turns out it is a lot more shady than I had expected.  A lot of money is made on rebills (billing someone after the initial $2 or whatever), generally without their knowledge.  Terms of Service stating the rebill is hidden at the bottom of the page or anywhere out of sight.  Most of the products are sub par, and a Google search reveals them to be mostly a scam.

Now I personally wouldn’t be opposed to promoting some of the products, as it’s not like you’re stealing.  Technically the terms are explained to them.  It’s like the offer is an IQ test in iteself (one of the products offered).  If they don’t sign up, average to above average IQ, but if they do – they fail the IQ test.  Haha.  But this is only one method of affiliate marketing.

One other type of affiliate marketing I’ve began to explore is local affiliate marketing.  You don’t sell a product hundreds, if not thousands, of others are selling online.  You sell local products/services that local businesses provide.  This, in my opinion, is a lot more ethical – and even has a chance to earn a lot more money.

Simply contact businesses and setup relations to sell products for them.  I am three days into my first campaign of local affiliate marketing, and experimenting with PPC advertising and some SEO advertising.  Nothing interesting to report, as the 20 people total who went to my landing page so far aren’t a good display of the results I should expect.  It’s fun and interesting though.  The potential is there, it’s just making it work.

For more information on local affiliate marketing, check out:

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Ranking In Google

Well that didn’t take long.  It was four days since I launched this site, and google pushed me up to #1 for the keyword: Steve Fortuna. It really wasn’t very hard at all.  I purchased this domain September of 2008, and had a simple ‘coming soon…’ page up.  I just had to convince Google to crawl the page again, and that the content was relevant.

Being that I had the domain that fully matched the search term I was targeting, it was pretty easy.  That’s always a major consideration when deciding what domain to purchase.  Trying to throw at least one keyword you’re trying to target in the domain is always helpful.  It’s not required, of course, but helps quite a bit. ranked #1 for the keyword ‘Steve fortuna’ very easily.   A couple links in with the anchor text ‘steve fortuna’ was all that was needed.

Deciding whether you want to go with a keyword domain or a brandable domain is just simply a matter of your goals.  If you’re looking for quick ranking for low competition keywords, a keyword domain would be key.  But if you’re going take the time to build a brand, go with a domain you like – something brandable.  Two examples of these are of course,, with intended target for: steve fortuna, and then, with intended target: free arcade games.

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Sulumits Retsambew

Sulumits Retsambew is the target keyword for a new search engine optimization contest hosted by  For those that aren’t familiar with SEO contests, it’s essential a competition to outrank others in Google, or any other search engine depending on the specific contest.

The term sulumits retsambew written backwards is webmaster stimulus.  This is NetBuilders way of running a “stimulus package” for webmasters.  The contest started March 15th, and runs through August 15th.  Which is quite a while for a SEO contest.  But also a good way to judge the effects of SEO over time.  Will blackhat methods win, or will pure whitehat SEO come out on top?  Only time will tell.

The prizes for the contest are as follows: $1000 for first, $500 for second, and $250 for third.  $1000 is a nice payout and would be nice to grab for anyone.

Currently my entry in the sulumits retsambew contest is  All the exact keyword domains were taken by the time I got started.  I’m hoping all the mention of the term webmaster stimulus on all the sulumits retsambew sites will convince google that they are related, and in turn give the domain a lot of weight based on the keywords in the domain.  This may already be the case as I’m currently in second position.

I am relatively new in the SEO world.  I midly got interested in it about six months ago, but really didn’t make any progress or really understand what I was doing until a few months ago.  It will be interested to see how my skills will stand up against the experts.

I found what I consider a real nice template for the site, and decided to use it on this blog as well.  I’m sure you have by now noticed the similarities.

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Hello world!

Welcome to  For fun today I googled myself, and saw this domain I picked up sometime last year show up on page three.  Being a SEO (search engine optimization) enthusiast, I decided to see if I could move this site up a few pages.  Afterall, I am Steve Fortuna.  I figure why not give myself some control over the results if anyone did happen to search for me.

The purpose of this blog is really undecided as of now.  I guess I just want to give myself a spot to put some ideas out.  The topics of this blog, which are generally hobbies of mine, may include: Linux, search engine optimization (SEO), online gaming, online marketing, hosting (web/dedicated/other), and probably other technology related items.

There is no clear focus of this blog, except to see if I can rank for the keyword “Steve Fortuna”.  I imagine with the domain, some content, and some minor tweaks SEO orientated, it shouldn’t be hard at all.

Further down the road I will probably update and personalize this blog a little more, but this is a start for now.

Hello everyone (or no one at this point) and welcome to my little place on the Internet.