New Gaming Portal Launched

I just recently launched a new flash gaming site,  It’s a flash gaming site for online kissing games.  There’s a good chance you personally won’t be interested in playing these games, as they’re more targeted towards younger girls.  Online flash games have quickly exploded over the years, and new niches are popping up all the time.  Kissing games is the latest niche I’ve moved in to establish a quality online gaming site.

The kissing games genre originates from the games like Spin the Bottom which many will remember from their youth.

This is another website built on the same gaming platform I wrote for  Working in Symfony to build build these applications has turned out to be lots of fun.  It’s so incredibly easy to add features, and essentially make the website work exactly how I want.  I feel this is a huge step up for me from running arcade scripts that you can buy. Those scripts are great, but I always find myself hacking the heck out of it in order to get it to work how I want.

I love to hear any comments or input of any kind on the new gaming site


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