Good Wireframing Tool to Plan Website Layouts

Wow – that’s all I have to say about this latest discovery.  I have built plenty of websites in my days, and it’s always a struggle portraying what you want your layout to look like to a designer.  You can give them pages of descriptions, but they will always forget something, or not fully understand something you said.

I have discovered wireframing for websites.  I expect most experienced designers would have just laughed, as they have been using these for years.  But for someone like me it’s a great way to sit down, spend 20 minutes to hours deciding how you want your website to be laid out.

There are plenty of wireframing tools out there, which I’ve found out searching Google for a bit.  I wanted to work with a non web based solution, as I can save the output to a Dropbox share and work on it at work or at home.  I have settled on a cool and simple one called Pencil.

If there’s anyone like me who has a good feel for what kind of layout they want, suck with design, and have trouble explaining to designers exactly what you want…this is gift from above.

I hope this little tip for planning the layout of a new website helps you.

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