First Profitable Campaign

Haven’t posted in a while – as there wasn’t really anything to talk about.  I’ve established a handful of arcade sites in the last few weeks.  My goal there is to build up a solid network so I can trade traffic between the sites, and give myself some sites to link from when exchanging links for hubits.  There’s a few others, but not worth mentioning.

But I have managed to run into an affiliate network that has been very helpful in getting me setup with a campaign.  I’m currently running some Facebook ads for a simple free signup.  Low payout, but also low cost to advertise.  It’s pretty exciting, and I’m hoping to simply generate some revenue I can invest into some bigger offers.  I’d love to share all the details, but I’m not at the point where I can afford to, or know enough about it to be more useful than the many other sites talking about it.  One being

The campaign really wasn’t anything to brag about.  Simply making $10 on a $80 investment.  But for me it’s a relief to finally break even, let alone make money.  Well, let’s hope the earnings go up from here.

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