Another gaming site goes live

Woot, I’m starting to get real comfortable building new flash gaming sites.  Back before I got comfortable with PHP and Symfony it was always such a pain to launch a new site.  Go buy a script costing $50-$200 dollars, tweak/build/buy a template and hack the heck out of the code to get it to work how I wanted.  It always felt like such a mess, and when you finally got a site ready to go…I wouldn’t dare upgrade to a newer version of the script that ran the site.

Now, I write my own backend from the ground up.  Modular classes that I can simply access or ignore anywhere I need them.  If I build a new feature for one site, I can easily copy/paste or simply copy the file to the other project.  OOP programming is such a time saver in many cases.  The pages display exactly what I want and how I want.  It’s a magical thing to get comfortable writing your own applications.  I love it.

The latest site I’ve launched is another cooking game themed site,  This site was pretty cheap and easy to build out.  Working with the platform I’ve previously built, I didn’t have much to do on the backend side of things.  Simply having my designer take a character to integrate into the logo, and used another template I had designed as the base.  I don’t know what it is about cooking games, but they’re hugely popular.  Literally one of the biggest flash gaming niches out there.  This site has minimal ads and lots of games.  New game added weekly until it starts to pick up in popularity.  Let’s hope this one really appeals to those girl gamers out there.

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